Safaritent Karlsson (5 persons)

Safaritent Nilsson (6 persons)

Naturally the rest, space, surroundings and the wunderfull Mycklaflon lake are always on the first place.  But outside that, you have many extra's in our beautiful and luxuros safaritents. 


Cooking outside on the driveable kitchen on your own wooden terrace under the luifel.  Lovely relax chairs  and sleeping comfortable on the boxspring beds.  The safaritent stands about  15 meters distance of all the services.  If you want to enjoy a relaxing campvacantion with comfort and luxury then we can offer you that on our pleasant family campground. 


Our organized tent is foresee from: 

·        Woodenfloor

·        Comfortable boxspring beds for parents, 2 doubblebeds or and 1 persons bed

·        Separated bedrooms

·        Organized and driveable kitchen, also for outside suitable

·        Refrigerator

·        Barbeque

·        All windows foresee by mosquitoes gauze

·        Covered terrace with table, banks and 2 lounge chairs

·        Arranged for maximum 5 people

·        Dimensions of the safaritent are 5 by 7 meters and 5 by 9 meters (incl. covered terrace)


Prices 2018                 Euro                    Swedish kr.

28 April t/m 16 June        400/450             4000/4500 

16  June t/m 25 Aug.       550/600             5500/6000 

25 Aug. t/m 29 Sept.       400/450             4000/4500   


The first price is for the 5 persons tent Karlsson and the second price is for the 6 persons tent Nilsson. The price is for one week and the bookings are from Saturday until Saturday.  But for possible deviation, more information or photo's please contact us via the contact form of this website or via our email 

Direct reserve is also possible, click the green button.




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